Mihai Nica

Mihai Nica


The beginning of our company is quite common for the IT industry.

In 2012 two well payed programmers decided to quit their jobs in order to create something new. The names of programmers, our names are Robert Antofe and Mihai  Nica.

We didn’t want to create just another business in IT. We wanted to introduce new standards in working with our customers and stop the tendency of grabbing the customers money by providing unreasonably expensive and very often unnecessary IT solutions or making it cheap in the beginning and huge money waste in the future by using same techniques as drug dealers.

 Our principles


Robert Antofe

Robert Antofe

The dominant principle for us is

we bring solutions – not software, hardware or services.

We try to explain to our customers that IT products and services are only tools, which can be useful or in the opposite, can harm your business. First of all, you need to define what you want, what changes you would like to make or what problems need to be solved. After this it is necessary to define what kind of solution can help to make the changes or resolve the problems. And only after that it is worth considering, which IT tools can help you to introduce the solution to your business.

In other words, if you want to go from one city to another, first of all, you take a map and draw the route and only after that you choose, which means of transportation to use: hitch-hiking, take a taxi, rent a car, go by bus, by train or by plain and etc. – depending on your budget, the time you have and your preferences. The same applies for IT.

 What did we achieve so far


We are proud that our business idea works and is appreciated. That’s why nearly all our new customers come to us by recommendations and we can employ more and better programmers instead of sales managers.

As you can see in the portfolio of our former customers, we have big international brands as well as small local businesses. All of them are equally respected and appreciated by us.

More than that and surprisingly for us, recommendations brought us even customers from far abroad: UK, USA and Russia. We are happy, that our services are provided in the same quality, independent from the location or the time zone. At the same time we believe, that entering these highly competitive IT markets is a proof for our high standards of quality.