Why doesn’t your website work for you?

We made checklists of what should be done in order to resolve most common issues with your website.

General Checklist for Any Website

We consider this checklist to be applicable for any website because no website can be useful without proper amount of qualified visitors.

Add website to search engines

Once you’ve made a new website you need to send request to all major search engines to add your website to their search results. For example, here you can add it to Google

Make it optimised for search engines (SEO)

Search engines have very complex algorithms of ranking websites and you need to optimise your website accordingly in order to be on the first search page.

Read Wiki about SEO

Set up and use Google Analytics

Google Analytics lets you do more than measure sales and conversions. It also gives insights into how visitors find and use your site, and how to keep them coming back.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

Your website should be easy to use from mobile devices.

You can find more information why is it important on our special page

It doesn't bring enough customers.

Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a “must-use” tool for any succesfull online business when it comes to question of attracting new customers.

It is important to notice that AdWords can be efficient only if you spend at least few hours a week on analysing the results and adjust your campaigns together with AdWords/SEO specialist.

Have intuitive interface

Your website visitors should be able to find all required information within one minute and 3 clicks.

Place Call-to-Action triggers

Visitors should be pushed to actions after they read info on your website.

Don’t limit yourself to ‘Buy it’, ‘Make Reservation’, ‘Add to Wishlist’, ‘Call us’

Be inventive: ‘Notify on Discount’, ‘I’ve found it cheaper’, ‘Too long delivery’, ‘I need it today’ etc.

Sales volume per order is low

Set up Related Products, Up-Sells and Cross-Sells Sections

We highly recommend to spend time and set up references to related products on each product page as well as add them to confirmation email which your customer receive when the order is processed.

Introduce 'Buy More' Discount

With purchase confirmation you can suggest to your customers to add a related product item with discount.

You can also suggest to increase the order amount to a certain volume in order to get a discount or free delivery.

Implement 'Add More' Timer

In some cases we suggest to notify your customer with order confirmation that he/she has some time (for example, 30 minutes) to add more items to the order and have them all delivered together.

Volume of Returning Visitors is Low

Use Social Networks

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus is a relevant way to stay connected with your visitors. These are good tools to deliver important website update and new information to your audience.

Naturally visitors prefer to be updated via social networks more that through emails.

Have Categorised Subscription

Subscription is more classical option to stay connected with audience. It is much more complicated tool of information delivery because originally emails considered to be more personalised source of information than social networks posts.

For this reason we highly recommend to have several subscription options to different categories of interests with optional choice of emailing frequency.

Implement 'Comment' option

Ability to leave comments and have discussions with other visitors is one of the most simple and required by active audience option.

At the same time it is one of the most efficient tool to activate your audience and increase returning visitors rate.

Many visitors but few customers/sales (Bad Conversion Rate)

Use Conversion Tracking of Google Analytics

Google Analytics will allow you to set up conversion goals for each online promo campaign and track the success of each of them. Further on analysis will let you understand which campaign worths to be continued and which one should be canceled.

Weekly Check, Analysis and Update of Google AdWords Campaigns

Google Adwords Campaigns can be an efficient supply of required visitors/customers to your website only when Keywords, Ads, targeted audience are reviewed weekly with participation of sales professional.

The more you adjust and experiment with AdWords the more qualified audience your website receives.

Implement Exit Survey with Prize

Make a pop-up window which appears when visitor drag his mouse out of your website with suggestion to pass a survey and become contender to win a prize or to have a discount.

Not more than 3 questions survey can clarify why visitors exit your website without purchase.