From Excel to Web App

Excel is a great tool which helps to run your business, organization, personal matters, etc. but it has its’ limits. When Excel is not enough for you anymore, the big question is what should you use next. Our most recommended solution is a customised web application.


  1. No limits. You literally have no limits when you start developing web application for your needs. You can create whatever you want. It is absolutely flexible solution which can operates with endless amount of data and can process it in any manner you want.
  2. Full control. With web app you can create any security/control system. Access rules can be very simple or can be set up in a complicated matrix of roles and rules. You can define with any peculiarity who can view information and define which information can be view. The same way you can set up rules for entering data in the system and for extracting data from it.
  3. Instant smooth sharing and collaboration. Web app allow any amount of people to work together simultaneously and collaborate without mixing up things and interfering with each other.
  4. Minimum mistakes and errors. Mixing up formulas and data processing is impossible when you work with web app while it happens very often in Excel especially when several people work on one file. More than that with web app you can set up strict data format rules as well as scale of data which can be entered. You can go even further and set up mistakes checking system when any abnormal data entry can alarm the system.
  5. Access anywhere from any device. It doesn’t matter Mac or PC you use, laptop or smartphone. Whenever you have a browser on the device you can access and work with your web application. At the same time you can limit the access from outside of the office or from unknown device.

  • First of all, when you buy “ready to use” solution and install it on your server or computer you will need to adjust it to your needs anyway. It is not a rare case when adjustment and customisation of “ready to use” solution takes more time than building a web app from the scratch.
  • “Ready to use” solution after all may costs you more than development of web app. Licenses for valuable solutions are not cheap and cannot be used efficiently without further customization by developers which can be endless and expensive as well. More than that “ready to use” solution often require installation on a server with high performance, that is pricy as well.
  • It doesn’t matter how long is the list of features of software you will buy because in 99% of cases it will lack some of features you already need or will need in the future. You can easily resolve this in case of developing your own web app.
  • Too many features can bring you to the idea of start using most of them which make business process more complicated and time consuming. Software developers are in a rush to make their product applicable to as many companies as it could be. That is why even simple contact form can have huge amount of fields which you don’t need. Few more unnecessary fields in each form in a long run can turn into hours of unnecessary work.
  • Software can never be as flexible and accessible as custom developed web app.

Customer Request


Our customer – big research institute NelsonHall – wanted to improve data collection and processing system which was done previously with the use of Microsoft Access, Excel and Word.

Existing system required several people to manage many files and process all data and report generation manually. Due to complexity of that work NelsonHall issued its report for customers only once a year while customers would prefer to be updated more often.

Another issue is that due to software limits NelsonHall cannot process more than  certain amount of data entries while their reports value can be much bigger if much more data could be processed.



What was the challenge?


When we started working, database contained about 1 million records each record had 50 fields to be filled in.

But the biggest challenge was not the size of database but endless amount of formulas and connections which processed that data into reports.



What we did?


We made web application which not only represents functionality of previously used system but increases it.

Different access roles System Administrator, Customer etc. were made to protect system and allow simultaneous work with system.

In addition to predefined reports web application allows to modify different parameters of reports which extends the list of possible reports to endless amount.

New reports generation were simplified and doesn’t require adjustment of any formulas.

System performance were optimised to process several times more data within no time lag.



What was achieved?


  • Customer were able to increase data entries in database from 1 million to 15 millions.
  • Reports can be generated not once a year but any time customer needs.
  • Customer of NelsonHall received option to customise reports the way they need without any difficulty.
  • Database is updated live and always up to date for customer.
  • Number of people required to generate reports reduced to zero in far as customers can generate reports themselves. Number of people required for data entry reduced as well.
  • Mistakes in data entry were reduced close to zero.