What we do?

In brief we are making everything which is working through your web browser + applications for mobile devices.


Nowadays it is pretty easy to make a website. In fact everyone can do that. The real challenge is to create a website, which will work for you.

We offer the whole spectrum of the work required. You come to us with your ideas and goals. We suggest you the most appropriate technical solutions, different design options etc. We create it and put it online. Our work is done when your website meets your goals.

Ansett Logistics Home pageMost customers just need a proper presentation of their business online – a web presentation.

Once it is created, they expect it to work without any further serious investment of time or money within the following years.

Main Features:

  • Personalized design and layout
  • Platform, which allows to put in and change the content easily (including media content) – you are not restricted to the number of pages, pictures etc.
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Optimized for search engines (SEO)
  • Integration of social networks
  • Multilingual
  • Any kind of forms (contact, requests, orders, polls, questionnaire etc.)
  • Online service cost calculator
  • Hosting
  • Instant support
  • Training

HomeCreating an online shop is tricky. You can make it easier by buying one of the many ready-to-use solutions. The main work on an online-shop is actually starting, when you launch your website.

You need to track which part of your page is the most visible and clickable by users, endlessly adjust it and update. With our experience we realized, that no matter how good the website is we’ve built, it is more important, how it is progressing in its development afterwords.

Main features:

  • Intuitive and user-friendly design
  • Integrated CRM, payment and delivery systems
  • Easy to use and to manage by the owner of the online shop
  • Maximum automation of the sales process
  • Bulk updates of products and prices
  • Search engine optimized (SEO)
  • Multilingual
  • Lifetime platform update
  • Instant support
  • Hosting

mobileNowadays it is more important to have a website adopted for mobile devices than to have the full screen website. The reason is simple: people use mobile phones to surf the internet rather than the computer.

Main features:

  • Adaptive to any designed screen size
  • Full and instant synchronization of the content and media between the mobile and the desktop version
  • Optimized for low speed connection of mobile network.
  • Integration with the phone hardware: click and call, GPS location and direction to address etc.
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HomeThe main point about promo pages is to attract within a short period of time a huge and qualified audience.

New product launches, special promo campaigns, event promotions, new albums or movies etc. – there are many more situations, when promo pages are the best instrument to reach certain targets.

Main features:

  • Catchy and remarkable design
  • Easy to use structure
  • Deep integration with social networks
  • Extremely accurate search engine optimization
  • Fast loading even with much media content
  • Optimized for huge numbers of visitors
  • Multilingual
  • Mobile optimized
  • Made in short period of time

oldThere are three main reasons for customers, why to update or upgrade their website:

First: Their website was made many years ago and it looks childish or unprofessional today.

Second: Their current website doesn’t have the functionalities needed.

Third: They have an existing website, but it doesn’t work for them the way they expected (doesn’t bring customers nor growth of visitors)

Web Applications

The main difference between websites and web applications is that web applications do something more besides simply displaying content.

For example: Google.com searches for you, while BBC.com simply displays news.

The distinctive feature of web portals is, that they collect information from different sources and display it in an unified manner.

In other words a portals is a space, where your team members can interact with each other as well as with partners, contributors etc.

Portals as a solution are quite flexible with the possibility of nearly endless extensions of any functionality.

Your portal can be your accounting system, CRM and ERP, business processes automation platform, knowledge base and internal social network.

Very often portals are used for the integration of all different types of software which are used in your company.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are two sides of the same profitability coin. ERP and CRM are similar in many ways, as they are both used to increase the overall profitability of a business.

Simply put, a CRM is a system for recording and storing all information related to customer interactions.

Whereas the CRM is focused on the customer, an ERP focuses on the business itself. ERP is a system for improving the efficiency of business processes.

There are two ways of introducing these systems to your business:

  1. Take one of the “ready-to-use” solutions and adjust it to your needs. The Customization in this variant is highly important, because without the needed adjustments both systems can create more negative impulses than positive ones.
  2. Develop a system from scratch. This is the more time consuming way, but it can be developed gradually by improving business process one by one.

What is important to consider about CRM/ERP systems is that they are not the cure but an instrument which can help or harm. The way you set it up is way more important than the advancement of technical features.

There are many more reasons to introduce paperless solutions to your company or organisation than simply the reduction of paper used.

Here are few to be mentioned:

  1. All your documents and papers are constantly accessible to you, independent of place or time.
  2. It is easier to share information and to collaborate, when you keep all the data digital.
  3. It’s easier and faster to find any data you need whenever you need it.
  4. Once you made an electronic copy of a paper, you have almost no risk of losing it ever.
  5. It is more secure. You can always control, who has access to your documents by setting up different roles, cut off access within seconds and track back, who used which documents.

Web integration is the ideal solution for those, who use several different types of software or sources of information and would like to have them synchronized.

One of the most common integration required is between an accounting software, a CRM system and a website. Simple logic is, that orders/requests from your website get to your CRM system, a sales manager processes it and forwards it to the financial department, which is not using the CRM, but have their own accounting system. After the order is payed , the information from the accounting software is forwarded to the CRM system, so that the sales manager knows that the order was payed and etc.

Another example of web integration is a platform, which can automatically collect prices from different suppliers you work with and update them constantly in your ERP system and your website according to the new data received.

Online services are defined by the idea, that you receive a required service through a website as a result of web app work.

For example, booking.com is an online service web app. Some time ago you had to go to a travel agency and have them search for an appropriate hotel for you in order to book a hotel abroad. Now this previously offline service is available online.


We consider training as a very important part of most of our projects. Even a simple basic introduction to the solution we developed for a company can dramatically reduce the time of implementation and increase the positive feedback by using it properly from the start.

Mobile Apps

We create any kind of mobile applications, except games, for all major operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Money Saving/Gaining solutions

Very often customers come to us with requests like: “Can I reduce the order processing time?” or “Can I reduce the cost of infrastructure maintenance?” or “Is there a solution to increase the number of orders we receive from our website?”

Working on such requests combines technical solutions together with business consulting. Every day thousands of new web solutions appear and all of them aim to help you grow your business. It is our main concern to be aware of the majority of them and to define, which one suites your business the most effective way.


Consulting is the most interesting and most important part of our job. In most of the cases we try to do it for free.

Our main target is to understand the customer needs in detail. With only few exceptions our knowledge and awareness of the latest trends help us to reduce a projects time and therefore the costs.