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IndividualThanks to the internet and other modern technologies one person can achieve a lot nowadays.

Artists, musicians, writers, public activists, stylists, hairdressers and fashion designers, independent professionals and many others can reach their audience and succeed in accomplishing their goals with a proper online presence.

Working on individual projects we consider most important to re-translate the personality of the customer to the website we are making. This is the hardest and the most interesting part.

Another crucial point is to make it easy to adjust and update the content of the own website with only a little or no help of programmers.

One of the most famous and highly recommended platforms for this aim is WordPress. It is the absolute leader, when it comes to personal websites and for the last ten years it proved to be the best and most used CMS.

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Small and MediumYears of working experience with small and medium size clients outlined for us several important things.

  1. First of all, the customers target is not to make a website or make the existing website better. There are some business targets, which have to be reached by developing web tools and our main efforts from the beginning is to understand correctly those business targets. Only after this understanding we start working on a technical solution.
  2. Communication during project execution is crucial. What we already did, what we are doing now and what we have left to do in order to finish a project – these are the main questions our clients always should have answers from us. We update our project status as frequently as it is required. In fact a permanent interaction with the client ensures to finish the project faster and receive a better result at the end as far as the clients can easily adjust their requirements and wishes on the way.
  3. Budgets are always limited and having flexible payment terms is very important. Another important way to reduce the cost, is to reduce the programming hours by finding already existing solutions and adjust them to the clients needs.
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EnterprisesWith only few exceptions all big companies have their own developers in their teams. Nevertheless our experience of working with big enterprises shows, that there are quite a few cases, when it is worth to outsource either web development, programming of gateways or integration projects.

Here are few of such cases to mention:

  1. Urgent development of web tools, which cannot be performed as fast as needed by the companies own team due to being occupied by other projects.
  2. Projects that require work to be done by a certain specialist, which is not in the team
  3. Whenever a major update/upgrade is required, it can be performed on a timely manner only with a temporal increase of the team of programmers.
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