CRM for Travel Agencies

This Web Application will help small and medium size travel agencies to manage their business.

You can access our application from any device which has web browser while all your data stored safely on the server.


Here are some of the things you can do with our application:

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  • Store and manage all information about your customers who can be either a private person or a company.
  • Manage your enquiries regarding hotels, villas, apartment owners, other agencies, conference makers, transport companies, etc.
  • Add quotations from various suppliers setting the pricing model depending on the contract you have with them (COMS – commission, TOMS – markup, Booking Fee)
  • Generate Vouchers which will be used by traveller at the supplier.
  • Generate invoice regularly to your clients (to receive booking fees or to get the full charge of the service) and to your suppliers (to receive you commissions).
  • Process all orders/requests by following predefined steps and keep tracking the progress.
  • Besides other data system will allow you to store financial conditions of your cooperation with partners, special discount programs, all payment preferences including different currencies.
  • All steps of processing customer request can be automated as much as you need finishing with automatic invoices generation.
  • Proper filters implemented across the system can hell you to find any information you need within few second.
  • Export tool can help you export all information stored in the system in an Excel file which is especially useful for further all analysis and import to other systems.


Main modules

  • Individuals  – private persons which will be used as contacts, bookers, financials
  • Company – the beneficiaries of your services
  • Supplier – Hotels, Hostels, Transportation Companies, etc.
  • Enquiries  – The requests you receive from customers will be available in this form within the system
  • Invoices  – Will be based on the passed bookings
  • Quotations  – offers received from suppliers for various customer requests
  • Settings  – Will allow you to setup custom functions like “No of days before booking notification”


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