Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If your website doesn’t bring you enough customers and don’t have good amount of qualified visitors then most likely you need to make Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The first step towards better SEO should be SEO Audit of your website.

Check SEO Audit Sample to figure out how useful it can be for you.

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Elements of SEO Audit

  • Meta tags (titles, keywords, descriptions);
  • Loading speed;
  • Canonicalisation;
  • Duplicate content (a few samples of pages will be checked, depending by the size of the site);
  • The number of indexed pages vs the real number of the pages;
  • Mobile friendly test;
  • Permalinks structure / friendly urls / length;
  • H1 / H2 usage;
  • Images optimization (alt / titles / images dimensions);
  • Low quality pages / amount of text;
  • Proper keyword targeting;
  • Usability (tips and recommendations);
  • Internal redirects (which should be avoided);
  • Robots.txt (if is correctly formatted)
  • Sitemap.xml structure;
  • Outgoing links (open new tab, rel=”nofollow”, broken links, 301 redirected);
  • Strong / bold elements;
  • Dynamic pages;
  • Broken / redirected links in the website’ internal structure;
  • HTML sitemap (if exists);
  • Category / site structure;
  • Internal duplicate content;
  • Rel=next / prev;
  • Design elements blocked by mistake by robots.txt (.css / .js)
  • Backlinks analysis (spam / low quality backlinks);
  • Pages response codes etc.;