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In short, customer wanted App Store analogue for B2B: automatic SAM solution for clients software and hardware + option to buy additional IT assets when needed. Web application should allow corporate clients of our customer to track in real time what kind of hardware is used in the company and by who as well as it should track which software is installed on each hardware item. All software in use data should be correlated with the amount of purchased licenses and alarm user when company is running out of licenses and need to buy more.



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About This Project

Being big IT reseller and service provider Softline wanted to rise its communication with current and new customers to the next level and provide to their customers the process of IT assets management and purchase as easy as it is made in App Store.

WareKeeper allows any company to forget about time consuming process of accounting IT assets: software and hardware.

Our solution has two components: one is a web application through which IT manager or simply manager (no IT skills required to use it) can receive real time data about who use which hardware and software on this hardware; another one is a small software client which is easily installed on all company hardware and collect data about software installed.

Instantly after finishing  installation of a client to all your computers you are in a full control on what hardware and software you have in your company network.

This helps you not only to know what it is in use but also what it is not. You can track when you are getting close to run out of software licenses, or which computer are too old to run newly updated Windows and need to be upgraded. There are endless opportunities on controlling and analyzing your IT assets together with money saving. It is common situation when your employees ask for new laptop forgetting that there is one in the storage room

By this free to use tool Softline wanted to attract new customers and increase sales for the current one by simply collecting all that data and knowing what and when to suggest to WareKeeper users.

Sales process were also to be risen to the next level. No annoying calls or emails. Application would analyse company data and send it to Softline sales manager who double check everything and compose a proposal. This proposal will appear in Adv area of WareKeeper next time manager will enter the website.