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Create a website which will represent the whole spectrum of company business which is software and hardware B2B sales, IT services, education and training. In addition to that company required online events management tool and blog page with optimization for search engines and easy way of changing dynamically the whole site content.



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About This Project

We created easy to manage and to modify daily web tool which contained huge company catalog of software and hardware as well as IT services.

Right catalog as well as intuitively easy website surfing was the most important for that project. Softline is covering any IT needs of any size company and the hardest part was to put all that massive data in the easy to use and find website.

Another important part was to make website and catalog update super easy on the backend so that company can hire non professional person to manage website catalog daily and sometimes hourly update.

As a result of our work in 3 months after website launch the amount of leads, new customers and request which are coming from the website surpassed those are coming from telesales department. More than that the quality of the leads via website were much higher and most of them resulted in closed deals.