Make CRM/ERP web application for managing travel agency business.



CRM, ERP, Excel, Tourism, web application
About This Project

ScoTrav is a corporate and leisure hotel and serviced apartment booking company delivering travel solutions to global travellers.

As it is usually happens in small and medium size businesses, ScoTrav used mostly Excel files in order to manage and control their business. At a certain point their business growth and the amount of processed orders increased to a stage where a smoother system than simply using Excel files was required.

We made a Web Application for them, which reflects all business processes and keeps the dynamic database of hotels, transport companies and customers. The automatic INVOICE generator appeared to be a great help as a first step of business automatization, which you can develop with no limits while using our Web Application.

At the same time we introduced different types of reports to be exported into Excel, so that the customer has no problems in coming back to old Excel which they got used to.