Why are we doing something for free?


During the years we found out, that by giving some essential consultation about web development for free, we gain trust from the people we consult. The majority of them are becoming our customers after all even though we don’t insist on that.

We spread our knowledge, highlight important moments and tricks and show, that even with some basic knowledge the clients can do most of the things themselves as well as web development is not that complicated after all.

We help people to save money and time and they respect that

In which cases you should feel free to contact us for consultation and you will never be charged?


  • The most common requests we receive can be summarized shortly like this: I want to do “this thing” on the web. How much it could cost and how much time it can take?
  • Which platform to choose for my website/shop? WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento or one of the multiple others.
  • I have already a proposal from another web development company, but I would like to get an alternative one.
  • Is it possible to do this and that on my website? How much will it be?
  • Some developers are currently working on my website, but I am not quite satisfied with their work/ I am not sure they charge me properly. Can you help me to check them and if my assumptions are reasonable? Can you fulfill any further development? How much it will cost?
  • What is important to know in order to choose the right web development company?
  • What is better/cheaper? To employ a programmer or to start working with specialized web development company

This list is endless and we decided to mention only a few of the most common requests.


How to receive free consultation from us?


The best way is to send us your request for consultation by email. Simply click the button bellow.

It is important that you provide us as many details as you can, so that our answer will be the most helpful.

Please leave your contact details and let us know, which way of responding you prefer. With highly complicated issues phone calls can save a lot of time.

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