For Partners

Mihai NicaRobert AntofeWe are good at programming, but not at selling ourselves or our services.

People, who know us, recommend us and that is how we get nearly all the customers we have.

We could develop the same way further, but we’d like our business and the approach to new potential clients to grow faster.

For these reasons we are looking for partnerships with companies or individuals, who will introduce us to new potential client.

We have a vast experience in working as subcontractors for other developing companies like us.

It is not new for us to become even a subcontractor of a subcontractor, because of our reasonable pricing, fast reaction and good quality.

We have different experiences of our involvement into projects. Our programmers can be just a part of your team, which is working on a project or we can handle the whole project by ourselves in direct contact with your customer.

It is important for us to keep up with proper reputation in such a partnership. Feel free to contact us and request reference contacts from those web developers, who are working with us for years already.

IT integrators, software and/or hardware resellers as well as IT services providers are on the list of our most welcome partners.

For example: With a high probability most of your current customers need a mobile version of their website and will be happy to hear that proposal from you. While we make it, so that it pays your efforts.

Or the other way around. You need to get someone as a new potential client and search for a solution, with which you can start to cooperate with a customer having a high chance of success. Adapting a website into a mobile-friendly version is the best for that. It is cheap and it doesn’t require a special budget allocation. It is done very fast, so that your customers will get positive results out of the cooperation with you in a short time. A good starting point for new business relations.

The easiest example of partnerships we can have is the partnership with media/advertising agencies, whose customers need proper presentations on the web, promo pages for marketing campaigns etc.

We keep our pricing and quality on a level, which allows agencies to be sure that by recommending us, their clients will not question the agency’s reputation.

A high satisfaction rate is the key for a long time partnership.

For individuals we have following options:

  1. We can pay you 5% of the project cost, if you know potential clients and simply give us their contact data by contacting us.

For example: You know that the company, where you work or a company you work with, needs a mobile-friendly website or might need a mobile-friendly website. You provide the contact data of the person, who is in charge of that decision. That is everything we require from you. After that, we’ll get in contact with this person with our proposal and negotiate all details. By the time we finish the project and receive money, we contact you and give you 5% of the total project cost. In case the customer rejects our proposal or we have problems contacting the person you recommended, we will also inform you, to ensure that everything is transparent and clear.

  1. 10% of project cost we pay if:
  • If you’re ready to bring one customer per month
  • Send us your CV for us to see, that you are a professional sales manager or a person with proper connections. You can send your CV to this email:

We will supply you with all the neccessary presentation material

We can provide you with online training as well as presale support

  1. 7% and a fixed monthly payment. If you are searching for a job, a part time job or a remote job as our sales manager, please, send us your CV via email: All conditions will be discussed individually on the basis of your experiences.