ERP for Publishers

Imagine an online application that can provide you with information about every project of your Publishing House, what state it is (On Schedule, Delayed), who is responsible, generate contracts on the fly based on templates and the already stored information, without having to interact with people, anytime, from anyplace on the planet and from any device.

The core of publishing process is collaboration between groups of people with different roles.

Authors, illustrators, translators, agents, editors, proofreaders, sales managers, graphic designers, PR managers etc. have to work as one team even if they meet each other for the first time.

The market gets more and more competitive, so make sure you keep up.

Our solutions have responsive design.

We made it mobile-friendly so that you can work with it easily from any device and manage your business on the go.

Our web solution will allow you:

  • Set up online and real time collaboration between authors, illustrators, translators, agents, editors, proofreaders, sales managers, graphic designers, PR managers and many others involved in publishing process.
  • Store partners info in the system so that all your team has access to it
  • Collect and manage all required files and data in one place.
  • Plan publishing, assign tasks, set up standard steps and automate task assignment each time new project is started. Based on your standard  procedures the system generates task workflows each time you create a new project .

  • Provide info on the Projects status: In Progress, On Time, Delayed
  • Track publishing progress in real time.
  • Set up different kind of customized email notifications/reminders for yourself and members of your team: tasks fulfillment/delay, data collections, project delays, ‘your turn notifications’ etc.
  • Make any kind of customized reports and export them to Excel or any other required format.
  • Fast and easy access to any data with search tool.

  • Integrate data with website and internal IT systems.
  • Automate any routine step including emailing, contracts generation etc.
  • Set up different access roles to restrict access to sensitive and private information for certain members of the team.

Modules of our ERP system:


Publisher module allows you to register as many Publishing Houses as you need and manage their activities independently.


Each book is a project which your Publishing House is managing.


Tasks module allows you to set up and track all tasks required to finish a project/ publish a book. Tasks due dates are relative to the project and chained so that when a task is marked as completed, all others that depend on it will keep their due dates in sync.


Users module will allow you to manage personal profiles of people involved in publishing, set up roles, restrictions etc.


This module will help you to set up and manage all notifications needed to keep your project team aware of all changes and progress.


Files module will help you to store all files in one place and manage them.