Consulting alone may not have quite tangible value for your business.


What makes our offer unique is the combination of consulting and web development so that at the end you get not simply a written analysis and suggestions but a technical solution, which introduces intended improvements on your business.

When do companies ask for our help?

  • The website doesn’t bring enough customers.
  • The average sales volume from the website is low.
  • The website conversion rate is low. Your website has many visitors who do not purchase anything.
  • Online service monetization is far behind expectations.
  • The user growth of your web application is not good enough.
  • CRM, ERP systems in your company are not used as expected and do not make business routine easier.
  • Don’t know how to automate business processes with most efficient use of technologies.

But the most common question we receive is:

Is there something, that can help me?
We divided consulting process into several stages:

First of all, we need to decide if we can help customer at all. With this in mind we have a preliminary discussion when customer outlines his or her problems.

As soon as we understand that our ideas can resolve customer issue we evaluate what could be the final result and check with our customer if it is good enough.

Only after this two steps we start to thoroughly investigate our customer case and come up with detailed action plan.

As soon as customer accepts the plan we start the fourth stage, which involves web development and technical improvement of customers current instruments. It is worth to mention that based on our experience customers very often need better integration of technical solutions in their business that the development of technical solution itself.

On the fifth stage we apply changes in a testing environment and check if they work the way we planned.

Sixth stage is about customer approval on the efficiency of our work. We receive our payment on this stage as well as plan further improvements if required.